Saturday, May 19, 2012

Beautiful City Center

The Old city center is just a block from our apartment. The streets are cobble stone and only for pedestrians. We never tire of walking through this beautiful area. The flower clock is accompanied with a bed of succulents that spell out Szekesfehervar and the date. The day of the month is changed each evening. There are many beautiful churches and other buildings. One of my favorite statues is of a peasant woman with her cart of goods to sell. If you rub her nose,you will have good luck! The bell half buried in the fountain statue, fell down from the Cistercian Church during WWII was used for a memorial.

Three Months Already!

We just passed our 3-months mark here, and I had that experience of thinking of all we wanted to do here, and realizing that we have not done some of those things. We have between 7 and 9 great young adults that come regularly. Four of them are getting married this summer and they are the most regular attenders. We really enjoy working with them! The branch president has told them that they can continue to attend Young Adults after they are married, but I know that they won't count as far as the requirements for the center getting registered. I am the pianist for the branch here, but other than that, we haven't been given any responsibilities in the branch. We've offered to teach classes that don't have teachers, but the branch has declined. I also teach the english profi class one night a week, and have 10 piano students between the two cities. We've gone out with a young man in the branch and visited many less-actives. We've had the chance to invite a few back to church, but found that many of the records need to be taken off this branch list as the people have moved or died. We have a day or two a week where no one can go out with us, and we don't have much to do other than study; but other days are busy, which I love.